Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe

This web server hosts the central UML repository of the INSPIRE Thematic Working Groups (TWGs).


Please note that this system will be unavailable from the 3rd to 5th February 2009, for maintenance of servers and databases.

We apologise for any inconvenience


One of the expected outcomes of the work of the Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) is application schemas expressed in UML. The models shall follow the Generic Conceptual Model (GCM) and the ISO 19000 standards for GI. These baseline model frameworks provide object/attribute types and shared code lists for common aspects, such as spatial and temporal properties as well as predefined types for metadata. In order to reuse existing types and code lists, e.g., to avoid inconsistent definitions, a central repository is required. A central repository additionally allows referencing (and thus reusing) object types from other themes.
Enterprise Architect (EA), which has been chosen as the tool for UML modelling, offers to collaboratively work on a shared UML model using a version controlled repository. This allows editors to be able to check in and check out changes from the repository. Furthermore, the models are stored with their complete version history allowing the comparison of different versions as well as the retrieval of previous versions. For the repository, the software tool Subversion has been chosen. Subversion allows for directory-specific authorisation of users, which can be used to allow editors to have read/write access to different packages of the repository.



If you have questions or experience any problems, please contact Anders Friis-Christensen or Michael Lutz.